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Rubber bolt handle stall ball only for bolt action rifles

 suitable Rubber Ball / bolt handle cover. The Rubber Ball (Kamer stalks stall ball of natural rubber) provides the following benefits to the bolt handle of the gun. The tire mounted on the existing bolt handle a rifle Rubber Ball, made possible by its grip and optimal handling, the shooter even more precise and faster repeat of the closure and faster reloading of the rifle


Benefits of a Rubber Ball

    better handling of the bolt handle, loading and unloading your rifle

•  even when shooting with gloves is the rubberized bolt handle stall ball very helpful

•  the rubberized bolt handle stall ball allows the shooter with his rifle precise and rapid reload your rifle shooting at the push hunting or sporting.

•  No calibration of the original chamber stem required, the Rubber Ball adapts to all conventional round and cylindrical bolt handle balls of rifles.

 Technical details:

  The product will fit most bolt action

 Weight approx. 3-4 g

 Material 100% natural rubber

 Colour: Black

 Assembly: The mounting of the rubber ball is simple, the existing bolt handle on the sleeve is readily rubbed with some oil which increases the lubricity when placing the rubber ball Man sets the rubber ball on the existing bolt handle made of steel or plastic, and urges the. Rubber ball with a rotary movement under fixed pressure on the stem chamber of the sleeve so long until the rubber ball slipped over the existing chamber Stem ball.


Type Bolt knob
Vendor Woodlands Enterprises Ltd

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