Toggi Equestrian Men Riding Boot

  • Toggi Equestrian Men Riding Boot


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This classic long slush molded rubber riding boot is perfect for a day riding in all weather conditions. With a soft simulated leather top collar and a padded sports lining, it ensures maximum performance with comfort for the feet and legs while increasing the absorption of perspiration. These boots feature a moulded rubber sole and an exclusive soft Toggi silk ribbon on the back seam for ease of donning and doffing these stylish boots.

* 100% Waterproof Slush Moulded One Piece Polyflex Sole & Upper
* Finished Leather Look
* Moulded Counter & Heel Shank
* New Padded Sports Lining for Added Comfort & Increased Perspiration Absorption
* Toggi Silk Ribbon On Back Seam For Ease Of Use
* Suitable For Riding

It is important that all dirt & chemicals (natural or artificial) are washed off after every use. You may experience shortened life of your Toggi footwear if they are not cared for as advised.

Please use your boots for their intended purpose. Any alternative usage could result in damage or degenerative wear.

1. Rinse your boots with clean warm water
2. Your boots should be wiped clean with a clean, dry cloth
3. It is advised that your boots are stuffed with newspaper to ensure their shape doesn't alter when wet
4. Footwear should always be left to dry naturally, away from direct heat to avoid cracks appearing and leather shrinking
5. Once dry, any mud left in the outsole cleats can be removed using a medium/hard bristle brush
6. Finally, we recommend you use Nikwax products to enhance the performance of your boots

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